Selah Money Ministries
Selah Money Ministries
Tiana B. Clewis

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Christian women conquering the money worries stopping them from walking in their God-given calling

About Us

Selah Money Ministries is a financial education and coaching organization with a mission of helping Christian women trapped in the corporate life overcome the money worries that are stopping them from stepping full-time into their calling.

Selah Money was founded in 2016 by corporate escapee, Tiana B. Clewis, an author, coach and executive pastor who has met far too many women with a powerful purpose but were too scared to move because their money wasn’t“right.” After walking away from her 10 year career as a corporate CPA and fraud investigator to join the staff of Trinity Harvest Church and grow Selah Money,Tiana has dedicated her life to helping other women do the same.

Whether they are starting a charity for the community or launching a business of their own, Tiana B. Clewis and Selah Money Ministries serve as the launchpad that allows these women to shake off their financial strongholds and step boldly into purpose!